Rubber Element 11059269

Regular price $86.25

Aftermarket Rubber Element to fit 

Volvo Wheel Loaders

L50E Volvo, L50D Volvo, L180D HL Volvo, L180E Volvo, L220D Volvo, L120D Volvo, L220E Volvo, L70D Volvo, L150D Volvo, L180D Volvo, L180E HL Volvo, L150E Volvo, L70D OR Volvo, L150C LB Volvo, L180C CO Volvo, L150C Volvo, L180C HL Volvo, L180C Volvo

Volvo Articulated Haulers

A25D Volvo, A40 Volvo, A40D Volvo, A35D Volvo, A35C Volvo, A30C Volvo, A25D 4x4 Volvo, A30D Volvo, A30C Volvo BM, A30 Volvo BM, A40 Volvo BM, A35C Volvo BM, A35 Volvo BM

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